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What do Client-firms Think of their Auditors? Evidence from the Italian Market

Cameran M., Gabbioneta C., Moizer P., Pettinicchio A.

Corporate Reputation Review, Volume 12, Number 4; Winter 2010, pages 316-326

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Customer Satisfaction, Corporate Image, and Service Quality in Professional Services

M. Cameran, P. Moizer, A. Pettinicchio

The Service Industries Journal, Volume 30, Issue 3 March 2010 , pages 421 - 435

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Le scelte operate dalle società non quotate italiane in tema di controllo contabile

M. Cameran

Rivista dei Dottori Commercialisti, No.3, pp. 429-446, Luglio-Settembre 2009

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Auditing in Italy: The Development of a Highly-Regulated Setting before and after the Parmalat Case

M. Cameran

in Quick R., Turley S., and Willekens M. (eds), Auditing, Trust and Governance: Developing regulation in Europe , Routledge, 2007

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